How To Wow This Thanksgiving: Coffee

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - From duck to decor, we're showing you have to impress your guests this Thanksgiving.

WGNO headed to the PJ's Roasting Facility in the Marigny, to learn which coffee to pair with your Thanksgiving feast.

Christian Petersen of PJ's coffee told us about two great options to serve with or after your Thanksgiving. The first coffee is a French Roast Coffee. French Roast is typically a dark roast coffee and PJ's is 100% Honduran, from El Terrerito Farm. Sometimes, French roast is called a city roast. It's different from other coffees because it`s deeper and darker. Petersen says, "the flavor profile for this coffee is full bodied and rich. It`s a dark roast so it`s going to have a deep exotic finish."

The next is PJ's Southern Pecan coffee. They list it as "a light bodied, medium acidity coffee that features a sweet aroma paired with the deep pecan flavor." It`s one of PJ's best sellers and they say it goes great with dessert.

Petersen also gave up a coffee making tip, "One of the best things I can suggest for brewing a good cup of coffee is your water to coffee ratio. So you use 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water and it will come out a perfect cup every time."

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