The bailiff on Judge Mathis might have family ties to New Orleans

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CHICAGO (WGNO) - Could Doyle Devereux, the bailiff on Judge Mathis, be related to someone in New Orleans?

"There's a lot of French people down there with French last names," Doyle said.

Doyle, in a recent interview with News with a Twist, expressed how he loves to travel and hopes to visit New Orleans one day. Though he's never been to The Big Easy, that doesn't mean they can't have a Cajun throwdown at home.

"Do you remember Chef Paul Prudhomme? He's passed, but he's a big Cajun chef. My brother-in-law bought his cookbook, and for the last five or six years, every time we have a big family dinner there's always Cajun food there," Doyle said.

In the years of being on the air with Judge Mathis, he's heard thousands of cases, and one of the questions asked by many fans is if Doyle is a real cop. Well, that is a question only the show knows. It's top secret!

But Doyle does get some "cop" attention outside the courtroom. Once, while Doyle was at Target, someone approached him and said Doyle had arrested him years ago.


News with a Twist Entertainment Reporter Jabari Thomas with Doyle Devereux

News with a Twist Entertainment Reporter Jabari Thomas on the Judge Mathis set.

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