Makin’ Groceries: Langenstein’s is the oldest full service grocery store in New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The familiar corner store on Arabella Street was started by Michael Langenstein and his sons George and Richard.

"He was a truck farmer, but he wanted to provide a livelihood for his two sons, so the three of them started M. Langenstein And Sons," says Michael Lanaux, with Langenstein’s.

This week, News with a Twist is bringing you the stories behind the city's best family-owned grocery stores with our "Makin' Groceries" series.

The first Langenstein's grocery store was on the corner of Arabella and Prytania, the current location of Prytania Liquor Store.

"In 1954 we actually moved to the next corner, into a bigger store which was originally a Piggly Wiggly,” says H.D. Lanaux with Langenstein’s.

And the rest is history.


The gourmet grocery is approaching the 100-year mark and has expanded to include two additional locations in Old Metairie and River Ridge.

Brothers Michael and H.D. say it's the friendly staff and quality products that are the secrets to their success.

"If it's not good enough to go on our table, it's not good enough to go on your table," says H.D. Lanaux.

That sense of Langenstein pride is ever-present, and the brothers’ father still pokes his head in from time to time. He's quality control, so to speak.

"He still comes around Monday through Thursday just to check on things, and he'll walk in the kitchen and grab something that they just cooked," says Michael Lanaux with a smile.


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