Beauty Tips with Dr. Burkenstock: Is your gut leaking?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Did you know that your gut needs a tune-up, too, just like your car engine?

“If your car engine was leaking oil, eventually some things would break down,” Dr. Kelly Burkenstock of Skin Body Health in Metairie explains. “Same thing with your gut.”

Dr. Burkenstock says when the gut is leaking, little toxins get into the body that weren’t meant to be there. They were meant to be eliminated.

What causes a leaky gut? It can be caused from alcohol, physical stress, emotional stress, chemical stress, and things like antibiotics and pain relievers, as well as a fast-food diet.

Things like pro-biotics, pre-biotics and proper nutrition are important to get that gut healthy again.

With Dr. Burkenstock’s Dare to be Thin program, “we teach you how to get that gut engine in tune,” she says.

Call Dr. Burkentstock’s office today to learn more.

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