Second night of anti-Trump protests launched from Lee Circle

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Protesters gather for the second night in a row in New Orleans.

New Orleans (WGNO) – For the second night in a row, people gathered at Lee Circle to protest U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, and then marched down St. Charles Avenue. Compared to the first night of protests, Thursday night’s group contained no children — and there was less vulgarity.

At Wednesday night’s protest, many signs and chants were filled with profanity.

The NOPD was on hand for Thursday’s event, with police on surrounding rooftops and mounted patrol. Earlier in the day, NOPD Chief Michael Harrison indicated that there would also be undercover officers in the area. He said that the Wednesday protest was an impromptu event that the NOPD only found out about through social media.

Several protesters Thursday night said that violence was not their goal. During a town hall type meeting on the lawn at Lee Circle (prior to the march), one person stood up and addressed the group, saying that anyone looking to be destructive should separate themselves from the larger group.

No arrests were made on Wednesday, but several bank windows were shattered and spray paint was used to deface buildings.

“I’m not interested in yelling at other people to try to get things done. I’m interested in real concrete change and I feel like tonight’s goals and energy were more reflective of that,” says New Orleans resident Adam Gerber.

Gerber’s Facebook page has a post that reads, “I think we’re about to see just how ‘lazy’ and ‘uninvolved’ millennials can be. Time to confound some (expletive) expectations.”

You can watch part of the march in the video below: