Beauty Tips with Dr. Burkenstock: Dare to Be Thin

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Are you eating a well-balanced diet, but still not feeling your best and losing the weight you want to lose?

Dr. Kelly Burkenstock’s Skin Body Health in Metairie has some advice on why that could be.

Dr. Burkenstock says often, vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies are blocking the road to “skinny success.” Her multi-step approach to weight loss, called Dare to be Thin, addresses those deficiencies.

“These deficiencies can come from environmental pollutants that taint our food supply, chronic illness, medications, chemicals, or we’re not absorbing properly from a leaky gut,” Dr. Burkenstock says. “We look at your vitamin, mineral and amino acid levels, and if any of those are deficient, we replenish them, all on your road to skinny success.”

If you feel like you might have vitamin deficiencies, talk to your physician or call Dr. Burkenstock today.