Beauty Tips with Dr. Burkenstock: Food allergies can keep you from reaching weight loss goals

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Did you know you can be allergic to some foods and not even know it?

Dr.  Kelly Burkenstock of Skin Body Health in Metairie says we’ve all heard about the severe allergic reactions, the ones that make your throat close and send you to the emergency room. But minor food allergies can cause many symptoms, too, like headaches, moodiness, and weight gain.

With the Dare to Be Thin multi-step approach to weight loss, Dr. Burkenstock tests you for allergies to over 200 foods to “see where you might be running into problems.”

“When we take those out of the diet, we lose weight,” she explains. “Why? When we’re allergic to food, it kicks off a brain complex where we’re actually wanting to eat more and more of those foods, as odd as that may seem. And by stopping those allergic foods, you feel satisfied, which decreases the tendency to overeat.”

A healthy gut is important for optimal health and weight loss. Call Dr. Burkenstock’s office today to learn more.