Protesters burn effigy of President-elect Donald Trump at Lee Circle, bank windows are smashed on St. Charles Avenue

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Smashed bank windows on St. Charles Avenue

New Orleans (WGNO) – More than a hundred people gathered at Lee Circle Wednesday to protest the victory of President-elect Donald Trump.

Some people brought their small children including several infants in carriers. Many held signs with language that can’t be printed here. One man’s sign said simply, “Stop the Inauguration.”

One man walked up carrying an American flag and said, “I just needed someone to cry with.”

He added, “I’ve been feeling terrible all day and I just needed some company and I have found it. This is my country and I feel as though this election did not reflect the strength and the beauty of my country.”

Protesters chanted¬†“Not my president!” and “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

The monument itself was spray painted with vulgar language and before marching down St. Charles Avenue, the protestors burned an effigy of President-elect Trump. A man on a uni-cycle rode through the burning effigy as it crumbled. Others posed with it for selfies, while others spit on it — and many stomped on the embers.

The burning happened right in front of the “Robert E. Lee” plaque.

Shortly afterwards, police were called to St. Charles Avenue, where many bank windows were smashed — we have a Facebook Live report below.¬† Spray painting also occurred, including “Eat the Rich” and (heart symbol) greater than (money symbol).

There is a 17-minute video of the protest, including the burning effigy, on the WGNO Facebook page.


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