Finally a rainy day arrives!!

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Photo sent in by Adrienne Reese

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – After a dry month and a half, Mother Nature has finally graced us with some much needed rainfall! As of 3 pm, over an inch of rain has fallen at Louis-Armstrong International Airport and more is expected over the next 48 hours.

A cold front pushing across the plains is helping to draw up moist Gulf air across the region. As weak disturbances travel along the front, waves of rain will push through the area and as we saw this afternoon it will be heavy at times. use extra caution when out and about as slick road conditions will develop quickly on area roadways that have been dry for so long.

Cold Front 11-07-16

You have to go back several weeks to find any measurable rainfall across the region. The last time the airport received any rainfall was almost three weeks ago today on October 18; however, only .05″ of rain fell that afternoon. In fact, you’d have to go all the way back to September 11, 57 days ago, to find a day that had more than an inch of rain fall as we are seeing today.

Thankfully the rain comes before the drought conditions across the area worsened. The U.S. Drought monitor had placed our viewing area in a moderate drought and without significant rain, the drought conditions would have continued to worsen. Thankfully, today’s rainfall and the moisture that will continue through Wednesday should help to alleviate these conditions.

On a positive note, the rain is giving folks something different to see outdoors. Kids are taking advantage of playing in the rain and parents are snapping their photos! We’d love to showcase your rainy pics or videos on News with a Twist! Just email them to us at

Photo sent in by Adrienne Reese

Photo sent in by Adrienne Reese