Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn grace the red carpet at WWII Museum for ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ premiere

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It was another star-studded night in New Orleans Wednesday, this time at the National WWII Museum, where Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn walked the red carpet for the “Hacksaw Ridge” premiere.  News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez talked to the stars on the red carpet.


“Hacksaw Ridge,” directed by Gibson and starring Vaughn, is based on the true story of WWII hero Desmond Doss, an enlisted medic who didn’t believe in using guns. He still earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, despite his refusal to bear arms for religious reasons.  He became the first "conscientious objector" in American history.


The screening was held at the Solomon Victory Theater, a fitting venue for the premiere.

Gibson told WGNO if he could say anything to Doss today, it would be “thank you.”

Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees made an appearance at the special screening because his grandfather served in the Marines in Okinawa during World War II.


“That's it. Pure and simple. That guy was amazing,” Gibson said. “What he did in his life is so amazing, and what he did in the worst circumstances you can imagine was so amazing that he left his inspiration, he left his soul, in the place he inhabited, which is this planet. I'm the one with the honor to be able to tell his story on celluloid so that other people are inspired by what it is that he left as well.”



The film also stars Teresa Palmer and Luke Bracey, as well as Mel Gibson's son, Milo.



"Hacksaw Ridge" opens in theaters on November 4th.  This is Gibson's first film to direct in 10 years.  "Apocalypto" was the last movie Gibson directed.