Living Among The Dead: Donz On The Lake

MANDEVILLE, La. (WGNO) - We're headed to a popular bar on the Northshore for our next "Living Among the Dead" story.

Donz On The Lake is a Mandeville bar that's filled with locals by day and is the place to party at night. But what people don't know about this venue is its haunting history. The bar was a convalescent home for soldiers during the civil war, and there was a hospital on the second floor.

Nowadays the second floor is home to a beautiful bar that was restored about 20 years ago, but it's never been used. Those who worked on building the bar shared experiences of paranormal activity up there. The upstairs room has a heavier feeling than that of downstairs, and it definitely feels like someone is watching you. After all, upstairs is where the soldiers died.

One employee, Lynn, told us, that one day she noticed a chair facing out of a window upstairs. "That chair was sitting there, all by itself, and I hadn`t noticed that before. So maybe that`s one of the soldiers, maybe it`s one of the nurses, I don`t know."