Living Among The Dead: Haunted Hotel on Ursulines

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Today's "Living Among the Dead" story takes us to a French Quarter hotel that has a fitting name.

Lisa from Haunted History Tours took us to the Haunted Hotel on Ursulines. They know that at least one ghost is located at the hotel, and her name is Maime. Maime used to own the house, and it was her private residence. She died upstairs in her bedroom, and people say that she's still here. Some nights, a light on the third floor will turn on and off abruptly. Sometimes guests staying in the guestroom she died in will come home and it will seem hat someone's been resting in their bed. When investigated by management,  there has been no evidence of break-ins.

Lisa says that some people claim to have found EVP or electronic voice phenomenon in the hotel, "You leave a recording device alone in a room, turn it on, come back later, you listen to it was recorded and it sounds like eerie echoey human voices on that tape."