Creative parents bring Star Wars creature to life

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – DIY Halloween costumes have become all the rage, but few home costume makers truly reach the stars, much less the Star Wars universe.

Some crafty parents did just that recently with a Tauntaun costume that brings the fictional animal to life.

YouTube user Clint Case uploaded a video of his toddler son wearing the elaborate costume, which comes complete with miniature light saber and wrist-mounted communication device.

Mimicking Luke Skywalker perfectly, Case’s son calls for backup before directing his Tauntaun down the hall and back.

No word if the Tauntaun from the costume met the same fate as Skywalker’s did in the movie, and hopefully Case’s son was able to successfully avoid the Wampa before making his escape from Hoth.

That costume should bring in a ton of candy here on Earth this Halloween, too.

Check out the amazing costume below: