Meat loaf maniacs get their very own day

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METAIRIE, LA (WGNO) - Down at City Diner, it's not quite Christmas.  But it's just about as delicious a day.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says it's officially, National Meat Loaf Appreciation Day.

At City Diner, they celebrate and serve meat loaf to lovers who get practically poetic.

As for the history of America's classic comfort food.

Meatloaf, the singer, was born in 1947.

The food goes back to Rome and the fifth century.   Meat loaf arrived in America in the 1800's.

During the Depression, families filled up on meat loaf because it fit into the family food budget.

Of course, the question about this classic comfort food is always the same.

When it comes  to what you put on top of your meat loaf, ketchup or not?