Pepsi challenge: cutting back on sugar by 2025

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Background. 330ml Cola Bottle Can Isolated On White Background with glass and ice. Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink

 (WGNO) – Those sugar filled, calorie killers, known as soft drinks are getting “healthier,” as Pepsi is looking to cut sugar from its beverages by 2025. This, according to a report from CNN, which states that two-thirds of its single serving drinks will have 100 or fewer calories as the company cuts back on sugar. It’s a goal Pepsi intends to hit by 2025 although, currently, less than 40% if its drinks are 100 calories or less. The company also said it would reduce levels of saturated fat and sodium in the majority of its products.

The change was prompted by shifting consumer needs and new dietary guidelines from the World Health Organization. Customers are thinking twice before purchasing sugary soft drinks due to all that sugar and are even scoffing diet options due to concern over chemical consumption. Scientific studies have linked artificial sweeteners to obesity and diabetes.

Nearly half of Pepsi’s $63 billion in revenue came from beverage sales in 2015.




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