Meteor sightings in Orleans and Jefferson Parish

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Did you see a meteor this morning? Reports of meteor sightings have been popping up across the country. Many in Louisiana are claiming they saw it.

Investigators were seen around the levee in Metairie this morning after hearing reports of a plane wreck. But when WGNO went out there, investigators said it was actually a meteor — and we spoke with the woman who saw it and called police.

“I saw it come by fast –with a green light – real fast! It looked to me like a plane coming down. Flashing green light. So when we all came out here, they said it was a meteor. I’m glad that it wasn’t a person, and it wasn’t people in a plane,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified.

We found people posting about meteor sightings on Twitter and Facebook from New Orleans, the North Shore, the West Bank, Madisonville, Ponchatoula, Slidell, Kentwood, Lafayette, Boutte and beyond.

We also found tweets about sightings from Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia – and even one from Canada.

The American Meteor Society says they have received 132 reports from at least eight states. Several of the reports are from Orleans and Jefferson parishes.

You have a chance to see the Orionid meteor shower between October 2 and November 7.

That’s when the earth is passing through a stream of debris left behind by Halley’s Comet. The site advises star gazers check out the skies before dawn, and if you’re lucky you may catch one or two!

If you were lucky enough to catch Wednesday morning’s meteor on camera, email us at