Buckle up and floor it with the Xtreme Xperience

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AVONDALE, La. (WGNO) – If your bucket list consists of driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porshe, you’re in luck. The Xtreme Xperience at the NOLA Motorsports Park in Avondale has plenty of super car options.

You can take your pick of any super car at NOLA Motorsports Park and leave your friends in the dust.

For someone who’s never ridden in a Lambo or Ferrari, you can expect 552 horse power and fast.

News With a Twist Sports Reporter Chelsi McDonald decided to try it out and put the pedal to the metal. Check out the video!

You're driving 150 miles per hour on one of the fastest motorsports parks in the country. You will have access to a 3200 foot straight away, which officially makes the park the fastest super car experience you can go through in North America.

Don't worry, the Xtreme Xperience team is all about safety first, so you're in good hands; a certified racing instructor is always next to you as you're zooming through the park.