Mike Yenni says he will stay away from Jefferson Parish schools

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HARVEY (WGNO) — Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni will stay away from Jefferson Parish schools.

That’s what he wrote in a letter sent to the Jefferson Parish School Board and discussed at a school board meeting tonight (Oct. 11).

The meeting was originally scheduled to discuss a bond issue.

The board’s concern is that Yenni has admitted to “inappropriate texting” with a 17-year-old boy.

“You know, we`re going to protect our students no matter what okay. I mean just like Mr. St. Pierre, said we have one point of entry in and out of our schools, okay. And that goes back to all the shootings and all, so we`ve done what we`ve had to do to protect our students and that`s what we`re going to continue to do,” said Marion Bonura, who represents District 8 on the school board.

No vote was taken on the issue at the meeting. The school board expects to discuss the letter again at their meeting on November 1st.