It’s ALIVE! The Freakshake in Metairie, of course

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It's amazing what a little channel surfing can do. Just ask Bob Tranchant. He tells us that he was surfing the net one night when he came across those monster shakes in Australia of all places. Bob decided that New Orleans was just the place for these frozen concoctions that are like the Frankenstein of milk shakes. With that thought Freakshake Cafe was off and running.

There are several versions of these overloaded shakes on the menu. Bob says with upcoming holidays and events there is certainly an opportunity for many more. Two of the Freakshake's best sellers are the Fruity Pebbles shake and the Banana Split shake. Both are monuments to excess. They start out with a thick, malty vanilla shake poured into a coated and encrusted frozen mug. Then they are topped generously with more of the primary ingredient and whipped cream. Add a thick colorful straw and you are ready to go.

Sweet isn't the only game in town at Freakshake Cafe. The other side of the coin at Freakshake is a tangy, spicey tomato-based take on the Bloody Marie. These non-alcoholic (for the time being) drinks are topped and surrounded with stuff like seafood, sliders and more. If you love Bloody Maries, you will enjoy the flavor of these and one fully loaded looks like one of those French Quarter versions on steroids. Shakes and mock Maries on steroids. Only on NOLA, and only on Devour Power.