Mid-City pothole will eat your car

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)-  When folks say a pothole is really bad, sometimes words do not do it justice.

But when we get a glimpse of how terrible they really are, it's priceless.

Just like this massive pothole on S. Hennessey Street and Palmyra Street in Mid-City.

Our cameras were rolling when a car bottomed out. This happens all the time.

Folks cars bottom out, tires pop, and axles break.

Neighbors say the city really aught to do something about these and not ignore them or give them "quick fixes."

They are not going away by themselves.

Folks are spending a lot of money on car repairs. Money they don't have in the first place.

Come on New Orleans, you can do better than this.

Fix the potholes!

Let us know if you have a monster pothole on your street, send us an email to twist@wgno.com.

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