What’s on tap at Abita Brewery?

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If you are a beer lover and in the mood for something different head over to Abita Brewery's tap room. Here you will find a section of experimental beers on tap ready to try. These beers are put together by brewmaster Mark Wilson and the crew to try different flavors and styles of beer. There are 12 on tap and include a wide range of styles so there is something for everyone.

The tap room at Abita was renovated about a year ago. It's a great place to check out their popular brews on tap or try one of the experimental offerings.

Some of the favorites there at the moment include a Strawgator, a combination of the Strawberry and Andygator beers, and an Old Fashioned Ale which has flavors of orange, bitters, and bourbon.  Several of the beers are part of the Bourbon Street series that is actually aged for a time in used bourbon barrels from the Buffalo Trace distillery adding a different depth and flavor to the brew.

If you're up on the north shore or in for a short drive from the New Orleans area stop by and sample some of these great tasting beers while they are still available!

Experimental beers are also available for purchase in a growler.