Dr. Rachel: Human oddities

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Can you wiggle your ears? How about roll your tongue? Dr. Rachel tells us just how rare these human oddities are!

Dr. Rachel searched the office for people who could perform these oddities!

Can you roll your tongue?  Most people can, but about 20-40 percent of people cannot.

How about wiggling your ears? Only about 10-20 percent of the population can wiggle their ears.

Not everyone can wink. Some people can only wink with one eye, which is interesting because it is usually their dominant one. Other people can wink with both eyes.

Most people can raise one of their eyebrows. The challenge lies in the ability to raise both of them, separately. Can you do it?

How do you pray or clasp your hands? Do you put your left or your right thumb on top? People have a strong preference for clasping their hands. It feels very unnatural to clasp your hands the opposite way. About 55% of people place their left thumb on top, and about 44% place their right thumb on top.