Deputies: Warning shot hits man who was stripped below the waist

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WALKER, LA (WGNO) — Livingston Parish deputies say a woman was firing a warning shot at a stranger in her yard but hit him in the leg.

They say they responded to a call of a man acting irrationally at a home on Highway 477 north of Walker.  At the scene, they say they found a partially clothed man hiding under a house.  He’d been shot in the leg.

During their investigation, deputies say they met an elderly woman who said the man confronted her in her front yard.  At one point, according to the woman, the man removed his pants and shoes and began walking toward her.  That’s when the woman pulled a gun to warn the man, according to deputies, who began walking toward the woman’s unlocked home where she lives with another woman.

The situation ended, deputies say, when the woman fired a warning shot while trying to prevent the man from entering her home.  It worked.  But the warning shot hit the man in the leg.

The man’s injuries are described as non-life threatening.  After he’s treated at the hospital, he will be booked with trespassing and disturbing the peace.

Deputies say the man’s family members also arrived at the scene and said he suffers from a mental condition and had not been taking his medication.

The elderly woman who fired the shot will not face any charges.