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Tortilla mama is the mother of all tortilla making machines. Now serving students at Tulane!

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Every food court at every mall in America now looks like the road kill cafe.

And it's located on the road nobody drives any more.

That's because there's a new food court at Tulane in New Orleans.  It has twelve restaurants.  Eight of them are brand new.

One of the new ones is Panera Bread.  And it's the only Panera on a college campus, anywhere on Earth!

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood has a nose for news.  And he's got a nose for flavor.

Wild Bill sniffs out the food court's new Zatarain's Kitchen.

That's where Wild Bill finds the longest line.  It must be the mac and cheese.  Maybe it's the fried chicken.  Perhaps it's the collards.

No, it's probably the chef.  Her name is Joi.  Chef Joi Solomon.

"Boom watch me, watch me, boom watch me, watch me," is what Joi says.

And you will watch her.  And watch the food she makes disappear.

Her co-star in this food show is right across the food court.

That's where you'll see Tortilla Mama hard at work.  She is a tortilla making machine.

Travis Johnson, of Sodexo which runs the food court here, is overseeing Tortilla Mama.

Find out how she turns balls of dough into 500 tortillas an hour.


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