Tropical wave worth watching

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A tropical wave is moving through the central Atlantic with a high chance of development over the next few days. The National Hurricane Center gives the system a 90% chance of becoming a tropical depression or storm. The next name on the list is Matthew. This wave will continue to move west over the next few days into the Caribbean.


The satellite image shows a large system that is still relatively disorganized. However it already has some banding features with it, and should continue to organize over the next several days. This wave is farther south than the past few that have been moving across, which is why it bears watching a bit more because it will likely drift farther west.

At this time there is no threat to the Gulf of Mexico. However that does not mean that one could not develop. The most likely scenario for this at the moment is a northward turn to the Bahamas. But again it is way too early to tell where this may go over the next week. Even as we are ending the month of September conditions remain favorable for tropical development through the Atlantic basin and into the Gulf of Mexico.

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