‘Two losses, too many’: LSU students sound off on firing of Les Miles

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BATON ROUGE (WGNO) - The top headline of the Louisiana State University's school newspaper Monday morning reads: "Two Losses, Too Many". And when WGNO Anchor Jacki Jing walked around campus and spoke with students, almost every student said the change was necessary.

"Initially, I was really surprised that it happened in the middle of the year, but I think in the long-run it's really good. I think it's what our program needs. I think Les Miles is a great coach and I think his best days are over and I think we need to look forward to a better future -- and 2-2 is not good enough for me," said LSU Senior Maggie Poche.

"We got talent each year, but we never really had the perfect coaching staff. He took to many chances for me. You can take certain risks, but he took too many and it started to cost us in the end," said LSU Freshman Elijah Hanzy

"I was shocked, I mean, thought Les Miles was going to be here forever, he's always been here," said LSU Student Lerone Owens.

"I think it was time for change. Being here so long, everybody just got used to how it was going and everything and it's time to get some fresh perspective," said LSU Freshman Michael Tarantino

"I think everyone was pretty tired of the crazy losses, so I think a change would be good," LSU Junior Becca MaGee

"I think it's going to be a fresh start and maybe Fournette and other players can get accustomed to this new leading of the team," said LSU Freshman Nick Black.

"I was really excited because that means we are going to get a new coach and we have been losing a lot of games. So it's time, said LSU Freshman Thomas Abrahams

Now on the second page of the newspaper, the headline reads "What's Next?"
And that's what many of us are thinking.