Pets abandoned in flooding now up for adoption

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Hundreds of dogs and cats, abandoned by owners during August's flooding across Louisiana, are now eligible for adoption.(Humane Society of Louisiana)

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)–Hundreds of cats and dogs left homeless in the wake of devastating floods last month are now up for adoption, the Humane Society of Louisiana says.

The charity, which took in those animals after they were abandoned by their owners, has been holding them in an emergency shelter at the Florida Parishes Arena in Amite.

The humane society says while they’re hoping those animals may yet be reunited with their owners, they don’t have the time, money, or space to house them indefinitely at a special shelter

“We [observed] a longer ‘hold’ period for the animal flood survivors than what was put in place in some other parishes,” executive director Jeff Dorson said in a press release.  “While we’re hopeful that some  foster families will become permanent homes, we’re being realistic about that,” Dorson said.

The group has set up a Facebook group for owners looking for their pets.  Any owners without internet service can call 504-352-2138 to file a report of a missing pet.

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