Superman Strength: Car blocks streetcar tracks, so people move car with bare hands!

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- On Sunday, during the 1st annual Fried Chicken Festival, there were lots of people, lots of traffic, and not a lot of parking.  Well, this one car definitely did not park in a good spot.   They parked right on the streetcar track!  The streetcar was heading down St. Charles Avenue and needed to continue its journey, but with a car in the way, it obviously couldn’t move.  So what did everyone do?  They took matters into their own hands.  People in the area decided to move the car off the streetcar tracks, lifting the care with their own bare hands, so the streetcar could pass by!  That takes teamwork and Superman strength!

Amanda Guimond took this photo, while riding the streetcar that got stuck and she sent it to WGNO.