Deadline approaching for flood victims to reclaim pets

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The deadline for flood victims to reclaim their pets from the Humane Society of Louisiana is approaching.

The Humane Society says the deadline is midnight Sept. 26, at which time the unclaimed pets will be up for adoption.

“We are observing a longer ‘hold’ period for the animal flood survivors than what was put in place in some other parishes,” said Executive Director Jeff Dorson.  “We think it is appropriate to give people more time to reconnect with their companions.”

The Humane Society anticipates that hundreds of animals from Livingston Parish will be left homeless when the hold period ends.

petsMany flood victims aren’t able to take back their pets yet. The Humane Society expects a rise in owner surrenders, as is typical in most disasters.  The group also anticipates a number of animals being returned from foster families, who stepped up to care for animals until Sept. 26.

“While we’re hopeful that some foster families will become permanent homes, we’re being realistic about that,” says Dorson.

Most unclaimed dogs have heart worms and will be in need of expensive treatment, Dorson said.

For more information, please visit its website at or call 1-888-6-humane.