Karl and Lisa active in Atlantic; no threat to U.S.

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) –Tropical storms Karl and Lisa continue to move across the open Atlantic, both staying away from U.S. interests but if you have travel plans to Bermuda, you need to keep an eye on Karl.

TS Karl 09-20-16

Karl continues to move off to the west very quickly at about 17 mph. This increase in forward speed comes as Karl begins to turn along the edge of a high pressure system in the middle Atlantic. This turn will keep Karl away from the Caribbean and United States but will take the storm very close to the island of Bermuda. As Karl continues to move along in favorable conditions, further strengthening is likely through the weekend. Karl is forecast to become a Category 1 Hurricane late Thursday into early Friday and then further strengthen into a Category 2 storm late Friday and into early Saturday. Karl should turn to the northeast and back out into the open waters of the Atlantic beginning Saturday.


Lisa on the other hand is not encountering as favorable as Karl and strengthening will be limited over the next several days into the weekend. Lisa should remain a weak tropical storm as it moves northwest across the Atlantic at around 12 mph. By the weekend, slightly cooler waters and increased wind shear could cause Lisa to degenerate into a tropical depression or remnant low. Lisa will be staying away from land but will cause rough seas across the open Atlantic shipping routes.