Down syndrome student scores touchdown thanks to friends on football team

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NOVI, MI (WGNO) -- Get the tissues ready.

One lucky water boy in Novi, Michigan with down syndrome got to make a play many athletes only dream of.

With the help of his teammates, Robby Heil scored a touchdown!

The moment was even more special as his terminally-ill mother watched on.

You see, number 24 usually holds the water bottles for the Novi High School football team, but on Friday, the special needs senior suited up.

His proud mother was on the sidelines, snapping pictures of the big night.

Debbie thought she was just there to see Robby in uniform.  She had no idea what was in store.

When the team learned Debbie has advanced cancer, the Wildcats decided to give the Heils more than just a photo op.

With a time-out, Robby took the field... to a roaring crowd.

And with the hike, number 24 got the ball and ran it 20 yards for the touchdown!

Debbie broke down as she witnessed Robby's dream come to life.

"This team has been instrumental in helping me get him to practice while I'm at chemo.  It takes a village to raise my son and this village has really been outstanding."