Roundabouts perhaps coming to a busy intersection near you

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MANDEVILLE, LA (WGNO) -- Whether you call them traffic circles or roundabouts, plan on gradually turning left through more of them while behind the wheel of your car.  Especially if you live on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

Currently, St. Tammany has 13 roundabouts with more planned.  Parish workers say the intersections are a more efficient way to move traffic than a regular traffic light, which are also subject to power failures or malfunctions.  The biggest problem is the learning curve for some drivers who have to get comfortable going with the flow of traffic.

In Tangipahoa Parish, two roundabouts were recently built along Highway 51 on each side of Interstate 12.

St. Tammany Parish spokesman Ronnie Simpson says it's looking to build more of the roundabouts along Highway 59 perhaps at Lonesome or Sharp roads.

The most recently constructed roundabout in St. Tammany was built in front of Archbishop Hannan High School.  The traffic is flowing there, but the sprucing up of the area is still underway.

Simpson says all of the parish's roundabouts are landscaped -- or will be -- to make them an aesthetically pleasing as well as a traffic asset.

No doubt, roundabouts can be a hotly contested issue.  A couple years ago, the program MythBusters took a look at the traffic circles verses 4-way stop intersections.  Click here to get more info on that.