News With A Twist takes Bay St. Louis by storm!

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Bay St. Louis, MS. (WGNO) - The usual suspects were are all accounted for, Susy, LBJ and the News With a Twist team took the little seaside town of Bay St. Louis by storm Wednesday.

"We love you guys, you guys come to almost everything we do. We really appreciate it," says Martha Whitney Butler.

The Bay St. Louis Historical Depot was chalk full of people looking to be a part of the show. The Bay St. Louis High School band was there and so were the flag girls and cheerleaders to boot.

Plus, we have meteorologist Martha Spencer to thank for that spot on forecast.

"It's beautiful, just a beautiful day," says Audie Smith.

All in all a successful day complete with two successful shows, just a stone's throw away from the beach.

"I love the camaraderie, when they're talking and carrying on and I like the information that they give,” says Nona Morlen.