Disney removes ‘gumbo’ recipe after Internet goes crazy over kale and quinoa

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UPDATE: Disney has since removed the recipe from The Princess and the Frog Facebook page.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)– Folks love their gumbo, especially in Louisiana.

Some recipes are even sacred, family secrets.

Disney’s Princess and the Frog Facebook page has a recipe for “hearty, healthy” gumbo that calls for something a little different.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise when some folks let Disney know exactly what they think about this “unique” gumbo recipe.

Check it out for yourself, what do you think?

It starts with all the right ingredients, shrimp, okra, but then – kale and quinoa?

Oh, and there was no roux.

The Facebook comments are pretty brutal so far.

“Disney also has a great Boiled Crawfish recipe,” one sarcastic response says. “First ingredient: 40 lb sack of bananas.”