New Orleans news anchor becomes unintended target of internet fury

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Let’s set the record straight: I AM NOT ANN COULTER.

Unfortunately, half the internet doesn’t seem to understand that.


Anytime the polarizing political pundit makes headlines, I receive an onslaught of misguided internet fury.  This week has been particularly furious.

Coulter recently appeared on Comedy Central’s roast of actor Rob Lowe.  By all accounts, it didn’t go well.


The political pundit became the target herself, as Coulter received barbs from singer Jewel,  Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson called her a “racist c**t” and Peyton Manning compared her to a horse.

Open the floodgates, folks!


With the ding ding ding of phone notifications, the onslaught began.  Tweet after angry tweet.

Misguided internet trolls channeling their anger toward the first TV blonde named Ann/Anne with a blue check mark next to her name.


For the record, I am not a 54-year-old conservative pundit, author or national TV personality.  I am a local morning news anchor, mom and avid home renovator.

My first name is not Ann, it’s Anne.  My last name is not Coulter, it’s Cutler.


And I have the birth certificate to prove it.

So, next time Ann Coulter has a contentious interview, releases an inflammatory book or is embarrassed at a Comedy Central Roast, please folks, check your spelling.



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