Alligator hunting season is upon us!

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Do you have what it takes to hunt alligators? One hunter in Gibson tells us it's not exactly what it seems like on reality TV.

Chris Gomez is the founder of Alligator Hunt LA and has been hunting these creatures for over 13 years. He invited WGNO Producer Taylor Feingold and Photographer Derek Felton to join him on the hunt.

Gomez started hunting after he met his now wife from Houma. Her dad, who had been a gator hunter for over 50 years, passed down the tradition to his son-in-law. They founded Alligator Hunt LA together in 2004 to show tourists and locals what it's like to catch an alligator.

They have an estimated 200-300 people hunt with their company every season. While it may not seem like much, Louisiana alligator season runs for only 30 days, around the end of August until the middle or end of September. Typically, Alligator Hunt LA is done with their hunting after about two to three weeks.

"As far as catching a gator is concerned, it's terribly interesting because you're actually trying to catch an animal that can eat you. Typically what I say whenever we cook it is, a couple of hours ago this guy tried to eat me, so now we're going to eat him. You have to be very careful. It's not something for everybody, and it's definitely interesting, let's put it that way, and it never works the same way."

With 24 days left in alligator season, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries expects over 28,000 alligators to be harvested. While that may seem like a lot, the Lousiana Alligator population is nearing two million.

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