Space Station offers amazing views of three hurricanes

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The International Space Station offers us some pretty amazing views of our planet and recently NASA released video of the space station passing over not one, not two, but three active hurricanes across the globe!!

Starting in the Pacific Ocean, the clip begins with Hurricane Madeline as it rumbles across the Pacific. Madeline, a major hurricane at the time, brushed the Big Island of Hawaii with its outer bands as it moved across the Central Pacific Ocean.

Behind Madeline is Hurricane Lester. Lester also could affect the Hawaiian Islands and currently hurricane watches are in effect for the islands south of, but not including, Oahu. Lester is packing winds of 105 mph.

Finally, the space station makes its way over to the Atlantic basin where Hurricane Gaston is roaring across the open season. Gaston was the first major hurricane in the Atlantic for the 2016 season but has currently weakened to a category 2 storm. While Gaston hasn't affected any land yet, it's possible the storm may go across the Azores this weekend.

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