Daq Attack: New Orleans bars mix up specialty daiquiris for daiquiri season

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- 30 days of daiquiris!  September is the official start of daiquiri season in New Orleans.  For the first time, Tales of the Cocktail is celebrating the daiquiri by devoting an entire month to the yummy cocktail.

43 different bars are collectively making a total of 43 different daiquiris for you to enjoy.



"We do have bars and restaurants that are doing both frozen and non-frozen daiquiris.  This is something that is so New Orleans and part of our go-cup culture," Ann Tuennerman, Founder of Tales of the Cocktail said.

They'll also be doing daiquiri tours on a party bus every Friday during the month of September.  The tour takes you to the different bars, so party-goers can try the specialty daiquiris.


(Pictured: "Portia of Belmont Daiquiri" featuring Luxardo Cherry Sangue Morlacco Liqueur served at the Lobby Bar at Ace Hotel)



(provided by Tales of the Cocktail team)

-In the early 1980's New Orleans created laws allowing plastic "go-cups" containing alcohol in order to prevent broken glass bottles in the streets.

-David Ervin opened the 1st-drive-through daiquiri shop in Lafayette in 1981.

-The novelty of the first drive-through daiquiri shop called, "The Daiquiri Factory", generated so many customers that it resulted in traffic delays and accidents.

-The 1st drive-through daiquiri shop had 15 frozen drink machines featuring mixes such as strawberry daiquiri and "Jungle Juice."

-One of the first drive-through daiquiri shops in the New Orleans area was Glynn's Daiquiri Place, opened in the parking lot of the Plaza LaPlace shopping center in 1982.

-Drive-through daiquiri shops were allowed to flourish largely because of the lobbying efforts of the Beer League of Louisiana, which worked to keep state regulation to a minimum.

-The law on open alcoholic beverage containers now officially qualifies the lid as a "closed" container, so long as the straw does not pierce the lid and the lid stays attached.

-Despite the popularity of the drive-through daiquiri, Louisiana falls at 38th place in nationwide rankings for drunk drivers.

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