Baton Rouge River Center meeting the needs of flood victims with a few surprises

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Baton Rouge-- Governor John Bel Edwards said we're on our way from response to recovery, but there is still more to be done.

The Louisiana National Guard has rescued close to 20,000 people and nearly 3,000 pets.

Mark Armstrong show us how shelters in Baton Rouge are doing what they can to help those in need.

It might be what you need, a little laughter, a smiling face, and a thumbs up from one the dozens of kids and hundreds of people calling the River Center a home for now.

Lisa Trahan from DCFS said, "Should they need clothing, should they need diapers, should they need formula."

The arena arranged to sleep more than a thousand people with resources on standby including a list that includes a makeshift hospital thanks to doctors and nurses who saw a need and stepped up.

Trahan adds, "This is has been something tremendous because so many citizens have been left without medicine but the trauma of it all. There are more needs that they have come across."

Trahan has taken our cameras on a city tour of the shelters where police are standing by and showers brought in blocked downtown streets.

It's hard to hear, but the announcement of the intercom is about movie times with popcorn provided for people who can't go home.

People here are trying to make it warm and welcoming.

While on this movie stage across the city the scene is the same cots covering the sound stage.

A set opened up for wet neighbors drying out today.

Those here treated to times with the Tigers.

LSU coach Les Miles says, "Smiling heart and wishing everyone well."

The best bring comfort to a community of people who have nowhere else to go.