Hollywood South News with Jabari: Are productions slowing down or picking up?

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The President of the Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association Robert Vosbein is certain that things will pick up eventually. He went on to say that "Things are picking up but we're a long way from where we were. We have good signs right now. The governor has come out with a very strong statement of his support for the industry and a long-term commitment to the industry."

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91%: A Documentary About Guns In America

A documentary that speaks to Americans who supports comprehensive background checks is starting to may it's way across the nation. John Richie lives in New Orleans and will travel with his documentary called 91%  to show people the loopholes in our justice system when it comes to purchasing guns.

Spoof Articles!

Rumors about a sequel to the films Pretty Woman and Father of the Bride will film in Gulfport, MS. Turns out those rumors are false. Ward Emling from the Mississippi Film office said "Those projects are not real.  The reports were generated by a fantasy website of some sort."

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