Making the Causeway safer has its price

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New Orleans (WGNO)--Last night during a public meeting in Mandeville bridge general manager Carlton Dufrechou said the bridge needs to be made safer.

His suggestions include adding segmented shoulders between crossovers where cars can pull over during an emergency and improvoing rails on the southbound span.

It's a $100 million project, but some say safety shoulders would create more accidents wehn drivers merge back into the flow of traffic.

One man attending the meeting said, "If you take these vehicles that are going off the bridge and you put them back into the two flowing lanes of traffic you are going to increase the number of rear ends and you're going to be harming people who had nothing to do with the original problem."

Currently, the funding plan is to charge an extra dollar for toll tag users heading southbound.

It would be an extra $2 if yo have a toll tag.

A vote is scheduled for August 10th.

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