Ducklings rescued from St. Charles Avenue storm drain thanks to frantic ‘momma’ duck

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(Credit: Facebook)

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Good news alert.

Neil Pierson of Madisonville saw on Monday what he believed was a kind of rare duck, frantically quacking at the corner of St. Charles and Louisiana avenues.

The duck was running back and forth, “as if she were trying to catch a bus or something,” but obviously, Pierson knew better.

As he got closer, he realized that the duck had almost a dozen babies, all of which had fallen into a storm drain.

She couldn’t get to them, and she was quacking so someone would help her.

Pierson’s hands couldn’t fit into the storm drain, but lucky for him, a family with a little girl stopped by and helped. The girl’s hands were small enough to rescue the ducklings.

Pierson got a box from the grocery store next door, then handed off the mother duck and her babies so they could be released to Bayou St. John.

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