Are cheat days good or bad?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- Cheaters beware!

No, not those kind of cheaters.

We’re talking about those illustrious “cheat days,” when you eat anything you want.

Can giving into cravings one day a week help or hurt your diet?

Some scientists say  cheat days may help by upping production of the hormone Leptin, decreasing appetite and also helping the body burn more calories after overeating by increasing metabolism.

Also, it could have a psychological benefit.

If we know we can have that cupcake on Sunday, then we are motivated to stick to eating healthy during the week.

But, with the good comes the bad.

Some folks can consume 5,000 calories or more on a cheat day, thinking they can eat what ever they want!

Not to mention it can be hard to get back on track.

So what do the experts say?

Eat in moderation.

Have one meal that is a little bit more decadent.