Apartment complex lease requires tenants to ‘like’ it on Facebook

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SALT LAKE CITY — Tenants at a Salt Lake City apartment complex are upset over a new lease agreement that requires tenants to “like” the complex on Facebook.

According to KSL, renters at City Park Apartments said that a “Facebook addendum” showed up taped to their doors.

It requires the tenants to “friend” the complex on Facebook within five days, or they would be in breach of the rental agreement even though some tenants signed a lease agreement months ago.

There’s also a release included that would allow the apartment complex to post pictures of the residents and their visitors on the page.

KSL reported that calls to the attorneys for City Park Apartments were not returned.

Zachary Myers, an attorney who specializes in tenant rights for Hepworth, Murray & Associates in Bountiful, said the contract addendum may not be fair to those who don’t have or are unable to create Facebook accounts.

“The biggest issue that I have with it is that it seems to be discriminatory against elderly individuals and disabled individuals who are unable to utilize an online presence such as Facebook,” he said.

Myers said if a lease has already been signed, a renter may not be required by law to sign an add-on.

Myers also told KSL that if a tenant is not comfortable with an add-on, they shouldn’t sign it. Once it’s signed, the tenant is bound to the contract unless a court says otherwise.