Would you sign a petition to help JaMarcus Russell return to the NFL?

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JaMarcus Russel (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

(WGNO) — Would you sign a petition to help former Oakland Raider and LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell make a return to professional football?  A Twitter campaign aims to build the hype and get the attention of teams.

And Russell may be ready.

He thrilled LSU fans when he wore the purple and gold on Saturdays as well as when he was the very first player selected in the NFL draft in 2007.

But Russell struggled in the pros.  He was released by the Oakland Raiders in 2010.  Was it his fault?  Did the blame rest on the troubled franchise that drafted him?  There are plenty of opinions to go around.

Since his departure from the NFL, there have been rumblings from football fans asking their team to give Russell a second chance.  But the notion is getting a bigger boost following comments from Russell during an interview with Sports Illustrated indicating that he would be willing to play for free and to work with the practice team just to have the opportunity.


A Twitter page is aiming to help move the process along.  Not only does it hope to get Russell back into the league, it asks for your help.  The handle is @GiveJR2ndChance, and here’s a link to the petition the page is promoting.

After Russell signed a rookie contract that guaranteed him more than $30 million then washed out, he became the poster player in many fans’ eyes for a draft flop.

According to SI, Russell has returned home to the Mobile, Alabama area and helps coach a boys’ football team.  The article says Russell has not allowed his millions to go to his head or his failure to break his heart.

Even if Russell’s offer is real, will any team be as willing to take a chance on him as some fans are? Share your thoughts on WGNO’s Facebook page.