Ed-itorial: 5A New Orleans Catholic League should vote no to latest LHSAA proposal

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Editorial for Thursday April 14, 2016

It was an end run that would make Odell Beckham, Jr. and Jarvis Landry, proud.

The School Relations Committee of the LHSAA proposed bringing classes 5A and 4A back together,

And making 3A, 2A, and 1A part of the new rural/metro plan.

Don’t ask me to explain that plan. In brief, it means if your school is in a metropolitan area, or close, you are metro.

If not, you are rural.

The Executive Committee voted 11-10 in favor of a special meeting of principals to vote.

The proposal placates several schools.

The New Orleans Catholic League gets what it wants, that is class 5A back together, with no split playoffs in any sport.

And, by keeping the Catholic League in the LHSAA, the School Relations Committee proposal deals a big blow to private schools who were ready to form their own Louisiana Sports Cooperative.

The proposal may also placate Louisiana legislators, including Republican House member Kirk Talbot of River Ridge, who has pending legislation on hold in the House, aimed at ending any playoff split in any sports.

Schools like Many and Winnfield, who have led the charge for split votes in football, baseball, basketball and softball get what they want.

They don’t have to compete against schools like John Curtis and Evangel.

John Curtis headmaster J.T. Curtis said that his school will continue to compete in class 5A.

So, what should happen next?

I will tell you.

The New Orleans Catholic League should vote against the proposal.

I have no doubt the School Relations Committee did what it thought was best, and in the words of its chairman, was trying to “stave off government intervention.”

The proposal is compromise.

But it is also discriminatory.

Catholic schools, what about De la Salle in class 3A, and St. Charles Catholic in class 2A? Do you vote for the proposal because you get what you want? Or, do you vote against because like schools with smaller enrollment get the shaft?

Throughout this process, I am often told by many school officials, we must do what is best for the Association.

Bringing two classes back together, and leaving the other three football classes in divided playoffs , does not for me, fit that description.

So, New Orleans Catholic League, do the right thing for your brethren.

Just vote, no.