MLK Charter students Cuttin’ Class for a good reason

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - WWOZ's Nita Kenter strikes up the band for Cuttin' Class, a win-win deal on 'OZ.

Says Ketner, "The program started about three years ago, here at WWOZ and to put the focus on music education in our schools.  We try to do it once a month during the school year.  We bring a different brass band in that's from the marching band of several different schools in the Greater New Orleans area!"

MLK Charter students talk about their music on WWOZ-FM (WGNO/LeBron Joseph)

MLK Charter students talk about their music on WWOZ-FM (WGNO/LeBron Joseph)

It's also a win-win because the kids get to performs love on the radio and on for the world-wide audience of WWOZ online.  For the students of Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School, this is a big deal.

"It's being able to showcase my skills on trumpet, and you said it broadcasts worldwide, and that's amazing," says MLK student Dionne Delpit.

What's also cool is that WWOZ makes a $1,000 donation to the schools that appear.  It's money that certainly comes in handy for the music department.

MLK Charter students appears on worldwide (WGNO/LeBron Joseph)

MLK Charter students appear on worldwide (WGNO/LeBron Joseph)

According to band director Charles Brooks,"[The money] allows us to purchase a few new supplies, and also I plan to put some money towards our new uniforms we'll be getting next year."

Guardians of the Groove is a theme of WWOZ and Cuttin' Class fits right in.

"Our band directors are most definitely Guardians of the Groove.  They are saving hundreds of lives each and every year through the band programs.  They offer crucial after school activity for our young people," says Ketner.

MLK Charter student Roche Espadron plays on WWOZ (WGNO/LeBron Joseph)

MLK Charter student Roche Espadron plays on WWOZ (WGNO/LeBron Joseph)

Playing live on the radio was cool, but MLK Charter student Roche Espadron told us what was most fun, "Not being at school!" (laughs)

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