She’s the ‘Picasso of Pucker Power’! A New Orleans artist in love with lips

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - One New Orleans art gallery is in love.

In love with lips.

Not botoxed, just natural lips, with maybe a little lipstick, that's what it looks like.

Steve Martin Fine Art in New Orleans is the stage for this show.

WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood takes you inside for a look at the lips and to meet the artist.

Her name is Olesya.

Wild Bill wonders why her subject of choice is lips and not, say, elbows.

Olesya says, "lips have stories to tell, stories of love, sweet stories, even sexy stories.

Olyesa was born in Kazakstan in a small mining town in the former USSR. She came to America to create her art which includes this show of lips.

Olesya's hometown is known mostly for gold mining.  And it was that gold that inspired her to create.  Even as a three year old girl, she painted bright and brilliant colors.  And now she uses 24K gold paint in her paintings.

The name of the show is Candy Shop.  That's because what's better on the lips than a little something sweet like candy.

And when you go to Candy Shop, you won't get cheese and crackers on plate for a snack.

You get candy.

It's the kind of candy that'll make you smack your lips, while you're looking at all those lips.

And by the way, those candy sculptures were created by artist Garrett Habb.

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