Come jam at the homeless shelter!

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - If one man has his wish, you could someday see Robert Plant, for free, while dancing with homeless people.

Steve Scaffidi is a man on a mission, at the mission—the New Orleans Mission.

“We’re jammin’ at the mission! No better way to lift spirits than music. Music communicates to everybody,” says Scaffidi, the Mission’s director of marketing and business development, who is responsible for a new weekly jam series that’s free and open to the public.

Check out the Mission’s Facebook Page here.

“Come on to the mission and come jam with us after work. If you don't mind, come jam with the homeless and see a whole different side of homelessness,” says Scaffidi.

His long-term goal is to change the face of homelessness, lift spirits and remind the general public that homeless people have hopes and dreams just like those more fortunate in the material sense.

The plan is to gather local and national acts to the Mission stage.

“We're reaching out to like Trombone Shorty, Jimmy Buffet. I've got a connection to Robert Plant,” says Scaffidi. Social media is a key to spreading the word and creating an inside track for anyone who wants to get involved.

“You have to be connected cause we're not gonna promote Robert Plant in advance, but you’ll see the pictures online afterwards,” laughs Scaffidi.

“Come jam, have a great time and take the mysteriousness and the mystique off of, 'Ooh! The homeless shelter is really scary!' No, it's not, it’s beautiful,” says Scaffidi.