Liuzza’s By The Track: the unofficial Jazz Fest headquarters

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The bar isn't quite full and there's room to spare in the restaurant too. But come Jazz Fest it's an entirely different scene at Liuzza’s By The Track.

“There's no elbow room in here whatsoever. There's just lines to get drinks," says owner James Lemarie.

Lemarie has owned Liuzza's By The Track for the past twenty years and calls Jazz Fest "controlled chaos." They have it down to a science, though. That science can be summed up in their famous Creole/Cajun gumbo and BBQ shrimp po'boy. Not to mention Liuzza's breakfast with a kick.

"Everybody drinks Bloody Mary's. They drink them morning, noon and night. It is Liuzza's Bloody Mary."

"As a tradition, we go to Jazz Fest and stop here and we all get Bloody Mary's and then we drink the Bloody Mary's on our way to Jazz Fest and since we're locals, we get the good vodka," says Liuzza regular John Spratt.

"Some don't even buy tickets to go into Jazz Fest. They just come here to be at Liuzza's By The Track. The outside crowd is just as much fun as the inside crowd at Jazz Fest," says Liuzza’s regular Pat Gootee.

Lemarie says Liuzza's is the unofficial Jazz Fest headquarters and it's been that way since the 90s. It's a transformation you won't want to miss.